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Bad Weaves, Good Weaves.

Bad Weaves
How many people have we heard talking about them? How many articles and blogs have we read and seen on the Internet about them? And yet, they're still walking our streets with no shame whatsoever.
I’m going to talk and blog about them until I don’t see them anymore.
I know that a 16-year old kid can't afford to pay salon prices to get her hair done. I mean I totally understand if she asks a friend who can sew to help her make her mornings a little easier by slapping a few tracks on her head. I admit, if our kinky mane is not permed, dealing with it in the cold harsh winter of Canada, where there aren’t many products on the market, our mornings can be a battle.
Anyway, I was a teenager once too. I get it. But when it comes to a grown-up working woman who is walking around with a weave looking like rug on her head, that I don't get.
Hair is a woman’s glory. The first thing people notice on a woman nowadays, with so much going on with hair extensions, is her hair. You probably don't know it, but your hair says a lot about you.
Although many women are actually ready to pay for a good weave, finding a good hair extensionist, someone who is passionate about what she does, is rare
Most people who call themselves hair dressers, posting ads all over Internet, are simply looking to make a quick buck on the back (or head!) of others.
Here are some examples of bad weaves:
I can go on and on posting pictures of people with bad weaves. I get a kind of sick joy out out of it and a good "I told you so,"  but not showing some good ones simply wouldn't be fair.
Countless husbands of clients of mine have told me how I changed their perception about weaves. Some of these men were so scared when their wives told them they were going for a weave, because they thought a weave was supposed to look like the pictures above. Well, they couldn't believe their eyes when their wives returned home with a weave that was so natural looking that it was if it was growing from their own head.
This is what can happen with a bad weave
(even for Naomi Campbell, as seen here):
Or here:
Five signs that you have a bad weave:
1. Your hair is too tight, even three days after having your hair done;
2. Your weave looks like a wig;
3. Your weave tracks are showing;
4. Your weave looks too big -- when you scratch your head the whole thing moves.
5. You have a cone head, or you hair doesn't match your weave.
Ladies, be smart -- when it comes to your hair, don't go ruin your hairline forever because you wanted to save a few bucks.
I have people calling me sometimes asking me how much I charge for a weave. When I tell them my price, which is $80 (reasonable by any means), they're shocked. Most of the time they'll say, "Well, I know a girl who does it for $50 or $60." And my answer to them is always: "Why are you calling me then?" And then they say the same thing: "I wanted to try somebody else because my weave always has big bulky braids that makes it look bumpy." No wonder your weave is bumpy, because you're too cheap to pay for a professional to do your hair. Your so-called hair dresser is in a rush to take the next client and has no time for you.
I could take two to three clients a day depending on the techniques. Since hair is my passion, it's not so much about the money. I only take one client a day. I enjoy taking my time so the client can be as satisfied with the results as I am. I've been doing this for a long time now, and I have never had a client leaving my place unhappy, whatever the technique (touch wood...).
This is what the corn-row base of a good weave should look like:
1. If the person doing your weave starts by cornrowing  your hair at the temple from ear to ear... RUN, do NOT let that person do your hair! If you let them do it, when you take out the weave, the side of your head will look exactly like Naomi Campbell's above.
2. If the person doing your hair uses big corn-rows for the base of your weave, as in the picture to the left... again, RUN!
If the corn-rows for your weave are too tight, tell your hair dresser to STOP. Otherwise, your hair will end up looking like in the picture below, or like the lady with the strange-looking ponytail beneath Naomi's picture above.
Now to avoid all this in the first place, make sure the person who promised to do your hair for so cheap has some pictures of her own work to show you -- not pictures taken from the Internet, and certainly not pictures of celebrities.
Let's talk about full-head sew-ins:
If your hair is natural (unpermed), and you want to give it a break and grow it out, there are many other hairstlyes you can choose from, for example, tree braids or crochet weaves, especialy if you feel single braids are not appropriate for your workplace.
Full-head sew-in (avoid this):
Do this (my client):
She has unpermed hair and didn't want to leave any of her own hair out to hide the weave tracks, so I did a combined weave and tree braids for her. She kept this haistyle for two months and was able to wash her hair every week.
The total look cost $120, everything included. We used synthetic hair, but it does looks real.
For people with permed hair, don't ruin your hair by flat ironing it every day to match your weave. If your hair is coarse, there are extensions on the market for your hair type. If your hair is kinky, don't use a silky hair weave.
Coarse hair (my client; before):
This lovely young lady wanted to add length to her hair. We exchanged emails many times before she came to get her hair done She wanted to use Saga Remy. Now, Saga Remy is very silky, and her hair is coarse, so I recommended not going for the Saga Remy but doing a bead-sew-in (braidless weave) instead to match her texture.
And voilà (after)!
A weave is supposed to protect your hair, help it grow, and enhance your beauty. Why do a weave if it's going to look like the following picture... unless ghetto is your thing...
Not a very flattering look -- wrong color, wrong technique. It looks like she's wearing a doormat on her head. How does anyone expect to wash their natural hair under a sew-in like that? If you can't wash or take care of your natural hair under your weave then it's not a protective hairstyle, but a recipe for disaster! Your natural hair might grow, but not healthily; it's just going to be brittle and damaged, cuz healthy hair doesn't grow on a filthy scalp (or under a doormat).
This is what a good weave should look like (my client):
Don't try to be something you're not. Don't copy Rihanna or Beyoncé. These people can wear whatever hair colour and style they want... because they're celebrities, and can change it up whenever they want and whatever the cost.
Don't put a red or yellow wig on your head thinking that people will think you look cute or, better yet, glamorous.  These crazy colours simply make you stand out for the wrong reasons.
If you want to add colour to your weave, play it safe: go to a beauty supply store and ask to try on some wigs in the range of colours you have in mind, and then ask a friend or someone whose taste you trust for their opinion.
Don't do this (red wig, red makeup, red hot... very pretty... NOT!):
Or this:
But do this (my work; before):
Most of us with dark complexions can easily pull off this tattoed lady's before-and-after pictures, using the following colours: 1B/30, 1B/27, 1B/33, or 4/30. Some of us can look very nice with 1B/99J or 1B/350 only if the hair extensions technicien knows what she is doing; otherwise you might end up with somthing like in the picture that follows. A bit ghetto-ish (garish?) for my tastes.
It's obvious that shiny, shredded, plastic hair like this synthetic hair will not blend with our hair texture or match or skin tone. There are many inexpensive human hair extensions on the market for all kinds of budgets, so basically anybody from a 17-year old teenager to a full-grown adult working woman can afford human hair.
I am not saying not to feed your kids or pay your rent just to have a head of Virgin Remy (the most expensive kind), but even if you're on the most modest budget, you can (and should) still make the effort to look good for yourself, becaue if you're walking around looking like a hot mess with those crazy weaves, your kids will be asking you to drop them off before getting to school because they're too embarrassed to be seen with you by their friends, LOL !
Now, this lovely lady in the pictures below was sent to me by one of my customers. This was her very first weave. She wanted a weave vs. braids because, according to her, the lady she went to before was doing her hair too tight, making her lose hair around the edges, as you can see (click on the pictures to enlarge them):
I repeat this again: to keep your edges healthy, never, never let anyone start the corn-row base of your weave from ear to ear.
Crochet Weave the most natural looking full head weave ever
There you have it, ladies
Come back soon for more posts on how to look after your natural hair under your weave or wig, and how to grow your edges back. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or would like make an appointment (514-241-5920;
Happy reading!
I leave you with a video of one of my white clients prouldly showing off her full-head sew-in:
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marcia on October-12-12 10:35 PM
My hair is natural about 1.5 of an inch tall and I was thinking about having done crochet brade. I searched the web and found your site. You're the best in expounding and images of hair picture. I love your amazing grace gift for all type of hair solution and problems. God bless you always.
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Wendy on February-27-13 7:28 PM
Very good service provided!!! Very on point hairdresser!
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MCITP on March-01-13 4:51 AM
Very good service provided!!! Very on point hairdresser!
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Mont Blanc Pens on March-24-13 8:50 AM
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help with dissertation on March-30-13 11:33 PM
You probably don't know it, but your hair says a lot about you.
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Renee' Willis on April-06-13 11:58 PM
I have been natural since 2001 when I started my locs. I decided to go natural because I love it, especially locs. I had them up until 2009. I had two spoted areas that was broken in the back and left sid in the back. Two or three locs on the top. Everyone said it wasn't bad, but I knew. So I embarked on healthy hair again. It grew beautifully. So I went on to embark on the loc jounery again. I went to the same shop I everyone told me to go to when I I'm sorry I lost my place again. So is a sew in wig healthy and is it hard to take care of. How much should it cost on average. -my hair is really thick, dense. It has broken off from under my left ear through the kitchen to a spot even to the side of my lfet ear. I have hair there but its low. The back and sides shortened. The only part that made it is my top and middle of my head, my strongest areas, but my whole head is brittle. -why did it turn brittle. Since then I keep it braided and I keep it moisturizer with jamacan castor oil every night and vitamin e on my edges and really broken areas. *this is why I choose to the sew in wigs I won't have to braid the broken areas untle they get strong and healthy enough. ***So is this a good idea, if not what do you suggest. Look, but I wore it for a while. -so i decided to do a wig sew in. That way I can change up with no worries movef to this part of the state. I wanted them sooo bad I ignored the signs of what she was doing wrong, well not really I asked, but she had attitude like I was telling her how to do her job. Like I was annoying her. After eleven years of locs even I know you don't part the hair put oil on the hair and scalp then twist it eith gel. I went four times and it got worse each time. So I took them out. Some were already matted and my hair texture changed to brittlr..Now I am working toward healthy hair again. I found that sew ins with travks really made my hair grow out. *I have several questions: -do you think locs are healthy. -are sew in wigs health? I love wigs and I was told with natural hair there are not to many styles I could get because you can't part the hair. I love the bowhmian
Reply to comment

Renee' Willis on April-07-13 12:07 AM
If I did an actual sew in with tracks what's a good length. I am 5"3" maybe an unmeantable lil less. My phone number is 757.377.8102 if you call people from your site. Oh I bought my wig already and it is not a lace front. The lady at the store told me it did not matter, but on utube that's all they showed. Thank you again. ps I apologize for the first email it was my phone.
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Anika on April-29-13 10:58 PM
I think it is very important that you gave people a visual of what exactly a "bad weave" is. And you talked about and showed the weaves that actually do damage to your hair.
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