RubyRuby - Hair Extensions & Wigs/Rallonges et perruques
Testimonials / Témoignages

"Got my first sew-in at RubyRuby on Jan. 25th  and every day I wake up feeling more confident than I ever have been. Not only did I get a quality professional sew-in to fit the specific needs of my head, but I got a step-by-step tutorial on how to take care of my weave and my own natural hair. Nicole was so patient and caring the whole time I was in her chair and didn't mind he many questions I was annoying her with LOL. I have never had a better experience while getting my hair done and I am so happy that I found my new hairdresser. She is the best in Montreal! Almost 2 weeks later and I am still getting compliments on my fresh DO!"

"It's been nearly four months and my hair still looks as good as new!... I also had such a great time getting my hair done. Thank you!"

"I give RubyRuby a 5-star rating and would definitely recommend this hair extension service to anyone who wants beautiful hair, done properly, at the most affordable price you will find in Montreal. I have had my extensions done by two other people and I was charged an enormous amout of money on improper installation and really bad and expensive maintenance until I found RubyRuby. I couldn't believe the amazing job, using the same high quality hair at literally half the price I previously paid. I will continue to use this service for many years to come."

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