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Straight hair weave styles

Like I said many times in my previous posts, when wearing weaves, always make sure you leave some of your natural hair out to show your roots so your weave will look like its growing from your own scalp.
Here are some beautiful hairstyles for the spring to show off your great locks. Remember, you can get these great diva  looks for a lot cheaper at RubyRuby.  Call (514) 241-59 20.
 The two looks above can be done easily if your hair is  8 inche long.
Both ladies have the same length: Rihanna´s look is $49 cheaper than the lady beside her.
For Rihanna´s look  you´ll only need a pack of 14 inch human hair to achieve it.  Your natural hair should be at least 8 inches long in order for your weave to blend in.  Total price for a look like this would be  49 for the hair in the following colors (1, 1B, 2, 4, 6,). Mix colors are $5 more. Plus  $70 for the application That´s a $119 or $125  
Since you´ll need 2 packs of hair for the second look. The total price would be $ $168 or $180 for mix colors.
Note: you can achieve the both looks with synthetic hair for a lot cheaper.
Here are the prices with synthetic hair.
Rihanna´s look ($17 plus $70 the application) $87 in total
Second look  $104.
The prices for the human hair I mentioned above are not for remy hair.
Remy hair is more expensive as the quality is better than regular human hair.
14 inches remy hair is $75 for dark colors.
Both Jennifer and Beyonce have 16 inches weave, the only difference is, you can either choose to have your hair parted on the left or the right side of your face.
Total price for  their look would be $ 115 for two packs of hair and $70 application =$180
You´ll be able to keep your weave on for 4 to 6 week, while washing and conditionning your scalp and your hair extenstion every week.
I am working on a post on how to look after your natural hair while wearing a weave. No need to spend weeks without washing your hair because you are afraid the hair extensions won´t look the same after you wash it.
Note: You can have the same  look for a lot cheaper if you decide to use synthetic hair.
Kerry Washington and Brandy are both wearing 14 inches yaky hair.
It doesn´t matter which bangs you decide to go for. The total price for their look with Milky way brand would be  $49 for 2 packs of hair, and $70 for the application. ( $168)
There are cheaper human yaky hair weave, if you cannot afford that much.
The hair texture and quality varies depends of the brand.
With the Janet Collection which  we also have,  14 inches is $40 for dark colors, meaning (1, 1B, 2, and 4).  If you choose to use the Janet brand The total cost for these ladies look would be $80 for 2 pack of hair and $70 for the   application =S150
Red head is big this year, but not everybody can pull it off. If you would like to have a light color weave, before purchasing the hair,  make sure you go to your hair supply store ask to try on some wigs in the range of color you have in mind.
Don´t just go buy red, blond, purple or the other crazy hair colors out there  because your favorite celebrities are sporting it. Remenber they are celebrities they do not walk down the street like you do, and they have the right and the most expensive outfits  that go with their hairdo, it doesn´t matter the color they choose.
Wavy hair: Most black women love wearing wavy or curly hair because  it looks more natural vs the silky sraight hair.
If you want to achieve these two looks with Milky Way brand, it will cost  $170 hair included.
I love Jennifer Hudson's look because it's classic and it´s short, very convinient in winter time. Since the har is short it wouldn't get tangled in scarves.
Besides it is a lot cheaper that the other smiling lady on the right.
Jennifer's look will cost $40 for two packs of hair, plus the application=$120  in total.
I like this look and I often do it on my head.  The reason is, my hair is not permed.
Like I said in my previous post. If your hair is natural you do not want to perm your hair because you are getting a weave done. I am a 100% sure you do not want to do a full head weave that is going to look like a wig either. The best way to do it is by weaving the back of your head and braid the front. Enough with the full head weave business. If you want to cover your head, get yourself a wig, because that´s exactly what a full weave hair extensions looks like. 
For this look you´ll need two packs of Indian hair.
Our Indan hair 14 inches is $65. the total cost for this look is $200 application included. 
Here is the price with synthetic hair $113 hair included.
 Both same style, different length.
Tyra Banks's  hairdo  would cost in total $170 hair included. Alica Key´s hair is more expensive ( $180 because it´s longer. Her hair is 16 inches, one thing you need to know when it comes to hair extensions the longer the hair is, the more expensive it is.
The four other looks are the same price.
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