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Clip-in hair extensions and prices

Clip-in hair extensions are very popular, not only among teenagers. More and more people are using
them since not everyone can handle the sew-in type because they have sensitive scalps, or their hair is too fine to handle the weight of the hot or cold fusion techniques or because these techniques are too expensive.
Clip-in hair extensions can last over six months, it all depends on how you take care of them. One of te main reasons is because you do not actually sleep or wash your hair with them in vs. sew-ins.
Some people are very skeptical about clip-in air extensions because they are afraid the clips might slide off their hair.  When you have  fine, silky hair, it's hard to get through the day without having to replace your clips or worrying about your extensions falling off!
For people in this situation, I developed a technique that seems to work for many of my customers. I call it "adapted cornrow clip-ins."  If you want to add three or four rows of clip-in extensions to the back of your head, I simply create looser cornrows along the spot were the clips are going to be attached. You can leave the cornrows in for four to six weeks and wash and dry your hair as you normally do. If it's your first time with clip-ins and your hair is too fine to hold the clips in place, this technique is perfect for you. You don't have to keep guessing where the clip-ins go because the cornrows will always be your guide.
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Adapted clip-on hair extensions
A useful technique for people with thin hair.
Note: the shortest length for clip-in hair extensions is 18 in.
These go below the chest, closer to the hips.  If you want a shorter length, like 10, 12, or 14 in., it has to be custom made, which means that the hair and clips have to be bought separately.
Here are some of our prices for the following colors:  Jet black,  Black, Dark brown, Light brown.
Milky Way Brand, 100% Human Hair Non-Remy:
8 in.      $20
10 in.   $29
12 in.    $35
14 in.    $49
16 in.    $55
18 in.    $65
Clips are $1 each.  You need 3 clips per row.
For mixed colors, add $5 to the regular price.
Add $8 to the dark color prices above for the following colors: (27, 30, 33, 613)
We have  other brands that are a few dollars cheaper but the quality is also lesser.
Call for information:  (514) 241-5920
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