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Bead Sew-in (or Braidless Weave)

Bead Sew-in (or Braidless Weave)
In this technique, the micro-links are used to create the tracks to sew in the wefts. No braids, no glue, no mess, and no damage to your hair. Lasts up to 3 months. The wefts lie flat on the scalp, so no corn-row bumps. Your hair extensions feel and look natural. Depending on the fullness you're  looking for, you'll need one or one and a half packs of hair, but one is usually enough.
Here are two of my clients whose hair grew back using the bead sew-in technique:
Prior to her first visit, her hair fell out after bleaching it.
(2011-04-17) This picture was sent to me by the client before she came in for a small consultation.
(2011-05-27) She got her extensions put in using the bead sew-in technique using only one pack of 14" hair
She came in a second time, but no pictures were taken, unfortunately.
On her third visit:
(2012-01-12) This is how long her hair grew back.
We used 18" Remy hair
Client #2  
Client's hair after extensions using 14" human hair.
Same client three months later with her natural hair before the extensions (second visit)
Client's hair after application of extensions with 14" human hair using the bead sew-in tecnique
Bead sew-in technique (or Braidless Weave)
Step by step
Before and after pictures of  bead sew-in technique:
All the clients in the pictures used only one pack of hair.
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