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Malaysian Braidless Sew-in Weave.

Malaysian braidless sew-ins
Are great for people with fine or short hair who are looking for volume or length.
In this technique, a special elastic thread is used to create the base to sew in the wefts (the same thread used for Brazilian knots). No braids, no beads, no glue, no mess, and no damage to your hair. It can last up to three months. The wefts lie flat on the scalp, so no corn-row bumps. Your hair extensions feel and look natural.
Q: Why are Malaysian braidless sew-in weaves better than regular sew-ins?
A: Malaysian braidless sew-ins are better because your own hair is part of the weave, not hiding under a cornrow base, so your hair allowed to breathe. These sew-ins can last up to three months and are a snap to remove.
Before-and-after pictures
Copy and paste the following link to watch our video of the Malaysian braidless sew-in technique:
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