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Best sew-in weave for African American Hair.

This post is only to show  some before and after pictures of regular sew-in weaves.
There are so many bad weaves out there. I've already talked and posted a blog about bad weaves.  It's been a while since I've wanted to post these pictures. I couldn't never find the time. I also wanted to talk about how to take care of natural hair under a sew-in weave. Unfortunately, I won't have time, but I promise to come back and talk about how to take of the weave itself and the natural hair under it.
Lately, I have been taking down some disgusting weaves. I'll get into that later.
In the meantime enjoy these pictures of sew-in done with Malaysian, Peruvian  and Brazilian hair. :0)
Want to watch the video of my sew-in.Click on the link below.
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