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Lace closure sew-in weaves, "Protective hairstyle"

Lace closure sew-in weaves

The lace closure sew-in weave is the best protective hairstyle for women who are transitioning from relaxers to their natural hair, or simply for women who have kinky natural hair and want to protect it during the cold season.

Back in the day, women with full sew-in weaves with bangs had that "cone-head" look. Wait a minute, not back in the day... I still see women with cone-heads walking around! The technique should have never seen the light of day, let alone back in the day!

There's no need for me to show pictures of those bad weaves, you all know what I'm talking about.

The thing about those full head sew-in / cone heads is that they give no access to your scalp. And no access to you scalp mean no washing... The idea of not being able to wash and moisturize my hair under a sew-in weave simply drives me crazy.

Personally, when I need a protective hairstyle, mostly in the winter, I always do a crochet weave or wear a wig. The following pictures are of me with a crochet weave done with Marley braids. It was my first time using Marley braids. I used them because they were the closest thing to my natural hair texture. No, I'm not one of those girls who wear silky straight weaves.

I sell and do hair extensions but you will never see me with 24" bone straight hair...

In the second picture I'm wearing a wig. I l-o-o-o-v-e wigs, and I have many... The reason is because I can remove them and take care of my own hair. But there's a downside to wigs, and although this post is not really about wigs, let me digress...

I love wigs, but too much of a good thing is, well... not so good. I wore wigs back-to-back for four years, and you know what, my edges were completely gone. I won't tell you right now how I solved the problem or what I used to grow my edges back, but if you're interested in knowing this or how to wear a wig properly without damaging your edges in the first place, watch for my upcoming post on wigs. See you then.

Back to sew-ins. I would love to find someone to do a sew-in weave with a lace closure for me, but I'm so afraid of them chopping off my expensive virgin hair and sewing down a lace closure that may look like the following pictures. I'm very picky when it comes to my hair. I mean, I'm a hairdresser, so I can't be walking around with an unnatural looking weave on my head...  The lace closure sew-in is a great protective hairstyle, but it has to be done right. Oh my... I have seen so many lace closure sew-in weaves  gone wild, it's insane...

Bad lace closure sew-in weaves looks like the lady with ombre hair and  the one with red scalp lol...

Ladies, you don't want your lace closure looking like that. You want them to look like the set of pictures below.

The best thing about lace sew-in closures is that all the hair is in and you can still wash your hair because the lace is a very thin net that is breathable. 
I am not saying your hair underneath will be as clean as if you didn't have anything on your head, but believe me, your hair will be washed and dried with no problem.

At RubyRuby we have the bleached knot lace closures, so there's no need to add concealer or foundation to make it look like your scalp, cuz it never does.
I customize the closure for my customers, and they get to keep their install for as long as they want.

I know there are a lot of people who are against closures or sew-in weaves as protective hairstyles, which I can understand. How could you not be against sew-ins when you see heads that look like the above pictures or the following one. I mean really... what in the name...?

Yes, a lace closure piece can be expensive, but it's a great investment because you'll be able to use it many time and have your sew-in look flawless while your own hair is protected during the cold season.

There are so many  kinds of sew-ins out there: three-part, four-part, flip over method.  I do them all. And I have to admit there are great sew-in techniques that let you play around with your hair and have a different hairdo every day as if the extensions were your own hair.

The three techniques I mention above should really be done in the summer because so much of the person's hair is left out to cover the tracks. No one wants to have so much of their hair exposed in the winter, not to mention the heat that is applied regularly to the leave-out to blend with the extensions.

The following pictures are what I suggest to first-time clients who want to have a protective hairstyle during the winter. Yes, it can be pricey for some people, but you don't have to go bankrupt because of your hair; there are cheaper options. To know more about these options, go to my crochet weave post. Crochet weaves are done only with synthetic hair, so right there you have an idea how much cheaper it can be compared to using virgin hair :) 

By the way, very first picture of me above with the crochet weave was done with synthetic hair. It looks more natural than an invisible part weave, which, after two weeks, would become like a very visible part, or should I say, canyon, up the middle of your head!

Here is a picture of one my beautiful customers two months after her lace closure install, which she planned to keep longer. None of her real hair is out. Pictures of some of my other customers with lace closures follow.

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