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Malaysian Braidless Sew-in Weave.

Malaysian braidless sew-ins
Are great for people with fine or short hair who are looking for volume or length.
In this technique, a special elastic thread is used to create the base to sew in the wefts (the same thread used for Brazilian knots).No braids, no beads, no glue, no mess, and no damage to your hair. It can last up to three months. The wefts lie flat on the scalp, so no corn-row bumps. Your hair extensions feel and look natural.
Q: Why are Malaysian braidless sew-in weaves better than regular sew-ins?

Bad Weaves, Good Weaves.

Bad Weaves
How many people have we heard talking about them? How many articles and blogs have we read and seen on the Internet about them? And yet, they're still walking our streets with no shame whatsoever.
I’m going to talk and blog about them until I don’t see them anymore.
I know that a 16-year old kid can't afford to pay salon prices to get her hair done. I mean I totally understand if she asks a friend who can sew to help her make her mornings a little easier by slapping a few tracks on her head.

Bead Sew-in (or Braidless Weave)

Bead Sew-in (or Braidless Weave)
In this technique, the micro-links are used to create the tracks to sew in the wefts. No braids, no glue, no mess, and no damage to your hair. Lasts up to 3 months. The wefts lie flat on the scalp, so no corn-row bumps. Your hair extensions feel and look natural. Depending on the fullness you're  looking for, you'll need one or one and a half packs of hair, but one is usually enough.
Here are two of my clients whose hair grew back using the bead sew-in technique:

Challenged hair

I call this post "Challenged Hair" for many reasons.
Hair is my passion. I enjoy what I do. I know from experience what a bad hair day (or week) can do to a woman's mood and self esteem. I get very grumpy if my locks are not shiny and all in place just the way I like them. We've heard it so many times before, but let's face it -- hair is a woman's glory. Over the years, I've had all kinds of women coming to me with all kinds of hair textures and problems.

About me and RubyRuby

Hi everyone!
My name is Nicole. I’m a hair extensions technician and owner of RubyRuby.
I am originally from Haiti, where I went to school all my life, studied in communications and cosmetology. I also worked as a radio show host for five years and a hairdresser for four, in Port-au-Prince, the capital. I moved to Montréal in 2001, and it's been my home since.
About RubyRuby
RubyRuby is a home-based business, so my hair products and services are lower compared to a store or at the beauty salon.

Clip-in hair extensions and prices

Clip-in hair extensions are very popular, not only among teenagers. More and more people are using
them since not everyone can handle the sew-in type because they have sensitive scalps, or their hair is too fine to handle the weight of the hot or cold fusion techniques or because these techniques are too expensive.
Clip-in hair extensions can last over six months, it all depends on how you take care of them.

Curly & wavy hairstyles


Braids & twists hairstyles

Spring is finally here!
To welcome the beautiful season, I selected some simple classic braid and twist hairstyles. This year, braids are back, so if you are looking for a great way to give your hair a break from weaves and wigs, this is a great choice. Remember, you'll find all these styles and texture atRubyRubyfor much cheaper than at the hair supply stores, and all of our products are taxes included.
A lot of people have been asking me to put on a price on each picture, so they can have a better idea of what to expect, if ever they want to have the same look.

Straight hair weave styles

Like I said many times in my previous posts, when wearing weaves, always make sure you leave some of your natural hair out to show your roots so your weave will look like its growing from your own scalp.
Here are some beautiful hairstyles for the spring to show off your great locks. Remember, you can get these great diva  looks for a lot cheaper atRubyRuby.  Call (514) 241-59 20.

Hair growth

A lot of people have been asking me if I know of products that make your hair grow longer and faster.
Well, folks, let's face it.  Therearenone.  There are tons and tons of  hair products on the market claiming such and such will make your hair grow. I used to work at a beauty supply store, and people would ask me to help them choose products that really worked.  It wasn't easy because it was a huge store with ten aisles loaded with all kinds of hair products from many companies.
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