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If you are looking for gorgeous-looking hair extensions to add volume and length without damaging your own hair or breaking the bank, then you've come to the right place!

Serving the Montreal area, RubyRuby has over nine techniques to help you achieve the look you want. No matter the length or texture of your own hair, we have the experience and know-how to make you look natural and feel beautiful with your new hair extensions!

We've worked with the most challenged hair natural or relaxed:

For pictures of challenged hair click here.

For a video of challenged hair click here.

Available techniques:

1. Micro-link (cold fusion) hair extensions for volume and length:

For pictures of micro-link hair extensions click here.

For a video of micro-link hair extensions click here.

2. Malaysian sew-in hair extensions for fine and short hair, almost imperceptible to the touch:

For pictures of Malaysian sew-in hair extensions click here

For a video of sew-in hair extensions click here.

2. Crochet-weave hair extensions, a protective for natural or transitioning hair:

For pictures of crochet-weave hair extensions click here.

For a video of crochet-weave hair extensions click here.

3. Lace-closure sew-in hair extensions, another protective for natural or transitioning hair:


For pictures of lace-closure sew-in hair extensions click here.

For a video of lace-closure sew-in hair extensions click here.

4. Partial sew-in hair extensions (regular weave in which some of your own hair is left out in the front to blend naturally with the extensions), another protective : 

For pictures of partial sew-in hair extensions click here

For a video of partial sew-in hair extensions click here.

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